Filippo Michelangelo is Associated Artist of Danae Festival in the years 2018-2020

I move in the field of the visual, audiovisual and performative research and I’m keen on working in contexts open to experimentation and interactions between the arts.


I realize video works with promotional, informative or documentary aim, and this is putting me in constant relation with a reflection on the audiovisual medium. The work as assistant for audiovisual or performative projects by other authors has given me access to important artistic, technical and organizing skills for the development of my projects.


I’m very attracted by the archival development of knowledge and by the aesthetic capacity of archives in the arts. I believe that the relation between memory, body and vision is a great access to recover a connection between the individual and collectivity in the present, to understand the status quo and reflect on the possibility of a real change.

ph. Mattia Maffini - 2019