Between Me and P.  verrà presentato a Fuori Luogo - La Spezia - il 18 dicembre 2021

Between Me and P.  will be staged at Fuori Luogo - La Spezia - on December 18th, 2021

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- The Rhythm of the Archive, an interview with Duška Radosavljevic on auralia.space - ISSUE #5

BETWEEN ME AND P. _ph. Roberta Segata - courtesy Centrale Fies.jpg

ph. Roberta Segata _courtesy Centrale Fies


I realize performances with a strong visual and narrative approach, contaminating the stage with my skills in the audiovisual. 

I’m also fond of archives not only as a means for the development and conservation of knowledge, but also for their aesthetic potential. I believe that the relation of memory, body and vision is a great access to recover a connection between the individual and collectivity, to understand the big transformations of contemporary world and open to the possibility of a real change.

As a videomaker I’m specialized in documentary movies and dance film.

I research, write, direct, shoot and edit for my own projects or for other artists'.  

I document performances [theatre, dance, visual], workshops and backstage, 

realizing teasers, full show videos and also film projection for performances. 


The formation through somatic practices and the ecosomatic approach has deeply enriched my vision in recent years.