a collective contemplation

for public spaces

laboratory with performative outcome

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Staring Backwards is a silent and imaginative incursion in the public space,

it's the creation of a meditative dimension in the flow of daily life, it’s a new possibility of relation in the world of the square.

A group of people walk backward observing the environment, generating a surreal landscape and trying the re-appropriation of a place through a collective experience.

The project originates from the need to develop a reflection over our historical moment through the relation between the moving body, the gaze, the presence and the landscape.

The gaze of the walkers can be associated to a camera backwards movement: so we try to let go every presumption of intentional definition of the space and to receive the world in images, connecting the real and the feelings in a new way.

by Alessio Calciolari and Filippo M. Ceredi

somatic integrations to the project: Cinzia Delorenzi

production: Alessio Calciolari and Filippo Michelangelo Ceredi

with the support of: Teatro delle Moire / Officina LachesiLAB, ZONA K, Santarcangelo Festival, AtelierSì

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