I started working as a videomaker after the degree in Philosophy.

I realize - either on my own or joining other videomakers' work - videos for documentation, information or promotion purposes.

I specialized in videos for theatre performances and dance/performance festivals. 

Here some examples, more on my Vimeo channel.

video for INCREATO
intervention of Cinzia Delorenzi at Danae Festival 2019, Laterale
[forest shooting]
SCAVI - theatre performance
[realization of teaser and video of the full show]
produced by DEFLORIAN/TAGLIARINI (IT), Milan 2019
GRAVITY WELL - short filmvideo dance 
[camera & editing]
project by Jadi Carboni (IT), Berlin 2019
selected for the video dance review Espressioni 2019  
and for the Berlin Short Film Festival 2019, TDP international film festival, semi-finalist at Thessaloniki Cinedance International
STRIPPED WORKS 2018 - theatre performance festival
[realization of video notes]
produced by DERIVAT & TATWERK (D), Berlin 2018
[realization of teaser and video of the full show]
project by Francesca Sproccati (CH)
produced by LIFOPS, Lugano 2018
ACTIONS! - performance
[shooting for video documentation]
produced by CIE YAN DUYVENDAK (CH)
ZONA K, Milan 2018
DANAE FESTIVAL 2017 - video notes
dance / theatre performance festival
produced by TEATRO DELLE MOIRE (IT), Milan 2017
GENERAZIONE GLOCALE - promo & backstage
urban performance
by Andrea Ciommiento (IT)
produced by ZONA K, Milan 2017
NIGHTWALKS - documentation
urban experience/performance
by Davide Tidoni (IT)
produced by OVERTOON and LA CENTRALE, Brussels 2017
urban performance
by Roger Bernat (E)
produced by ZONA K, Milan 2016